Lockwood Water & Sewer District

Water & Sewer Services

At Lockwood Water & Sewer District, we pride ourselves on the high-quality water & sewer services we provide. Our Lockwood, Montana customers trust us for our high quality, affordable water & sewer services.

The mission of Lockwood Water is to provide a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing water service that protects our customers’ health and safety while enhancing their quality of life.

Our company values include:

We recognize that our customers are the key to our success and deserve excellent service and deserve a product that meets or exceeds the standards adopted by our industry.

We will use our resources in the most cost-effective manner possible.

We will provide our employees with a clean, safe environment and will help in their career development, recognition and advancement. Our employees will strive to continue their own personal advancement and to meet the needs of our customers with the utmost regard for the customer.

As you can see, Lockwood Water & Sewer District is dedicated to providing superior quality water & sewer offerings.

Contact us today or call us directly at 406-259-4120 for more information on the water & sewer services we can offer you. Thank you for visiting us at Lockwood Water & Sewer District.

Water Services
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