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September 12, 2018 Sewer Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) Public Meeting

For the purpose of obtaining public comments regarding the possible expansion and future phases of the Lockwood sewer system recommended in the 2018 Sewer Preliminary Engineering Report (PER).

  LWSD Public Meeting Presentation SEP 2018



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2018 Water Master Plan/Preliminary Engineering Report Update

Slide Presentation from the April 19, 2018 Public Meeting on the 2018 Water Master Plan Update

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2017-2018 Raw Water Intake Project

The Lockwood Water and Sewer District (LWSD), began construction on our raw water intake project in November of 2017. The project consists of inspecting the existing intake structure, replacing a section of the piping in the Yellowstone River, and the construction of a new pump station. Tank mixers at two of our water storage reservoirs are also being installed in addition to upgrading chlorination equipment within the LWSD water treatment plant. As part of the project a cofferdam was constructed around the entire project area within the river, and the installation of temporary pumps to provide water to the treatment plant. We anticipate construction to be complete in July of 2018. Due to public safety concerns access to the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks (MTFWP) fishing access site has been limited.